Why Own a bullpup?

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Simply put a Bullpup rifle is a when the action of the rifle sits behind the trigger group. This means that the shooter still has the advantage of a longer barrel (16″ or longer for legal rifle) but less overall length of the rifle. Referring to my other article, “How to legally own a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR)” you will know that there is a process involved with owning an SBR. Owning a Bullpup rifle gives the shooter the advantage of legally owning a shorter rifle without shortening the barrel.

The design is brilliant if you think about it because the Bullpup design cuts out wasted space where the butt stock is and replaces it with functioning parts. There are many popular Bullpup rifles available for civilians and Defense Firearms typically will have some in stock.

Here are a couple of examples of popular civilian style Bullpups:

-FN FS2000:
Caliber .223
Barrel length: 17.4″
Overall length: 29.1″
Action: Semi-automatic
Weight: 7.6 lbs.
Capacity: 30+1 rounds

-Steyr AUG:
Caliber: 5.56×45
Barrel length: 20.0″
Overall length: 31.1″
Action: Gas operated
Weight: 7.9 lbs.
Capacity: 30 or 42 rounds

-Kel-Tec KSG (Shotgun)
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Barrel length: 18.5″
Overall length: 26.1″
Action: Pump
Weight: 6.9 lbs.
Capacity: 7 x2 tubes = 14 rounds

These are just a sample of what’s out there for Bullpups. I can personally see the Bullpup market becoming more popular for the reasons mentioned above. The tuff thing is to get people off of their AR platforms first.



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