Springfield XDS Review

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Product Review
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Staff Gun Review: XDS Part 2: It just gets better.
From Tacticalgunreview.com

By Cary Kieffer

Hello, welcome to Pt. 2 of the XDS 45acp review. This will be short and sweet. Pretty much this pistol is the greatest invention since the stuffed crust frozen pizza. I thought technology had reached it’s pinnacle with the delicious cheesy crust frozen pizza and we may as well abolish the patent office. Nothing else was needed in my world I thought. Until this pistol came along.

I already reviewed the thing, I decided it deserved a 2nd mention though as it really is the best damn pistol I have EVER shot. It continues to make me look good. I can connect pretty well with most anything usually except for Glocks but for some reason I really can’t seem to miss much with this pistol even in rapid fire drills, speed draw drills, hostage targets, it just doesn’t matter. When I snap that pistol up and squeeze 230 grains of lead goes where I wanted it too. It is like the thing was designed for me and me only, it’s that perfect for me and I hope for everyone else as well. I can’t give it enough kudo’s, again best damn pistol I have ever owned or fired.

My complaint with it was that it runs out of shells fast. 5 plus 1 capacity. Well Glory Be Springfield just released the 7 round mag for this baby with the grip extensions. It comes with 2 extensions, one for whichever back-strap you chose to use. I chose the smaller one. Not because I have small hands I don’t. Actually they are very large, it’s just I like a grip that is more up and down and not angled. So the smaller, flatter back-strap felt better to me. Now with a seven plus one capacity this lightweight, accurate, user-friendly, totally rockin’ concealed carry pistol that shoots like a full size gun actually holds 8 shells. More like a full size gun and right in there with most full size 45′s.

So this magazine with the back-strap of your choice affords you a full size grip. It’s quite comfortable and the serrations are very good. With 2 more rounds in the gun I just feel all around better about that. Statistically are you going to need 8 rounds? Probably not but then again I didn’t probably “need” an Umbrella Insurance policy either but I have one just to be safe. I think the old phrase was “better to have and not need than need and not have”. Good enough for me, 8 rounds it is.

I replaced my sights with TruGlo fiber optic/tritium sights. The standard XD ones will fit the XDS with just a hair of fitting. (using a file to remove a touch of metal) It was not a big deal. The sights totally blow away any Trijicon or Meprolight I have used in the past. WAY WAY brighter a sight, both in the daytime as well as night. For the money spent at Botach I can’t see myself buying any other pistol sight from here on till somebody invents something better. As far as I’m concerned after using these my last 3 sets of other night-sights were wasted money. I do love the TruGlo’s.

So that’s about it I suppose. New awesome sights, new higher capacity magazines and the best pistol for me in the world that I know of. In the past my best shooting was done with well tuned and set up 1911′s and a Browning Hi-Power, not anymore. It just keeps getting better with the XDS. The trigger is good, the reliability after roughly 900 rounds now is perfect. It’s consistently accurate with anything I have fired but I do prefer the Hornady Critical Defense round as it does tend to shoot a tad bit tighter. Nothing shoots badly though and POI does not change for me with different loads much at all if any on most of them. I think we can probably close the patent office for real this time. This pistol for me is the peak of pistol perfection. I can’t really even imagine anything better for concealed carry. All this and the knockdown power of the venerable 45acp. PERFECT!


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