FN Herstal Plant is on Strike

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Industry News
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Below is a rough translation of an article regarding the strike at the FN Herstal plant strike in Belgium. This may explain why FN FiveSeven pistols are hard to come by along with the ammo and other related FNH items.

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Management and executives FN Herstal no longer have access to the plant, which is partial strike. Employees that refuse either changed their system of guaranteed income. 400 people cross their arms. A stake is placed at the entrance of the company.

Green flags and red flags CNE SETCA of the gates of the Fabrique Nationale are closed executives and management and guarded by forty disgruntled employees.

“We had a guaranteed income which suited us but management wanted to put another system that is based on insurance and do not suit us for various reasons, all the risks that entails, exclusions, unilateral decisions etc.. Everyone knows that in insurance, “explains Claude Podorieszach the delegation SETCA-FGTB the FN. “We prohibit management and executives to enter. Direction because at one point she did not want to talk to us. Frames And, because you put pressure. But the workers work “.

This is an action to finish. On Monday, a meeting is scheduled between management and unions. “We call on the direction to a burst of intelligence, as it is able, Monday at conciliation” concludes the delegate.

About the direction exactly, she refuses to speak before the conciliation Monday. She regretted the blockage.



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