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I met up with GLOCK’s national sales team about three months ago at an industry expo and, much to my surprise, they announced that they’re bringing back the OD green pistols that were discontinued several years ago. When I first started my business, nobody wanted the OD guns. I ordered a dozen of them and felt like a fool. The day GLOCK announced they’d be discontinued, my shelf cleared out in a hurry. A recent Gunbroker auction had a dealer bid over $19,000 on a 19-gun collection, which is more than I would pay for them personally, but certain consumers seem to be willing to pay the beautiful and unique snowflake premium…

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Check back later for the Springfield XDS

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By: Ralph

The Springfield Armory XD-S and the Glock 36 are two single stack pistols — made in Croatia and Austria, respectively — that shoot America’s favorite big-bore cartridge. Aside from their steel and polymer composition and caliber — the venerable .45ACP — the two pistols don’t share much in common. Still, if that Shakespeare guy could compare an unknown prom queen (or king) to a summer’s day, I guess an old gun writer can compare these two pistols one to the other . . .Read More…